SF Design Week

Playbook was born in SF. To celebrate SF Design Week (Jun 3 - 12), designers are invited to 4TB free storage and in-person perks.

Are you a designer in SF?
Yes, I'm an SF designer.

Bringing design back to the Bay Area

Who says San Francisco is dead? We're still here, standing tall and pushing creative boundaries, especially during SF design week. We'll bring the design spirits back up!

Invite to 4TB

If you're a designer in SF, you're invited to 4TB free storage plan. No credit card required.

VIP pass to in-person party

Groundfloor SF in The Mission and Playbook are hosting a party with 100+ designers from all over the Bay.

SF Design Week Template

This year's Attention themed template is made for SF Design Week attendees and hosts.

Artist + Designer Plan (4TB) for attendees

Beautiful work deserves beautiful storage! Escape the mess of endlessly nested folders and subfolders with Playbook.

VIP invitation to our in-person evening event in SF

On June 5, come meet and greet other designers—product designers, UX/UI designers, creative directors, and art directors.

Join us for a fun evening of swapping designer goodies with fellow designers.

Access to SF Design Week Special Template

This year's Attention-themed template is designed specifically for Bay Area designers. When you use it, your board will be featured on our community page for all our event attendees and hosts!

See you there!

Apply SF design week promo
  • When and where is your event?

    The in-person event will be on Wednesday June 5, 2024 5:30-8pm in the Mission.

  • I'm not from SF. Can I still get the promo?

    Unfortunately this promo is only available for the SF Bay Area designers only. If you are from non-SF cities, tell us where you're from. We'll send you a promo code when we come to your city!

  • I'm a design student in SF. Can I get the promo?